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Parents as Partners

Parents are the first and most important teachers of their children and are encouraged to participate fully in their preschool experience and early education. Parents and schools who work together and share common goals create a community in which children feel valued and significant.

We strive to create and maintain a community of this kind by encouraging parents to participate in the program in any way that is comfortable and manageable for their family. Parents are welcomed to visit the program at any time. Parents may also become involved by sharing their talents, being a guest reader, volunteering your free time as a helper, or donating items.

Our goal is to include parents in the program in whatever way works best for each family. Some families are able to spend time in the classroom helping with various activities and tasks; others are more able to contribute resources, preparing materials, etc. There is no limit to the possibilities!

Highlights of our parent–school relations:

Parent Resource Room

  • The center has an extensive resource library and welcomes the opportunity to share it with families to assist them with parenting issues.
  • The administrative staff has extensive community resources available to assist in many areas of need.
  • The administrative staff is available at any time to assist you in any need that may arise.

Parent Committees/Host Members

  • Host Parents and committee members provide an opportunity for parents to give input and is an important link between University administration, Center administration, and programming.
  • Host Parents and Special Event Committees aid in planning special programs such as International Family Day, Intergenerational Day, Week of Young Child, and other holiday-type activities.

Parent Workshops

  • Parent workshops are also offered throughout the academic year and attendance is encouraged. These workshops are planned to help parents deal with the many issues facing families today.