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What if my child is sick?

As children arrive at the Center daily, each teacher on duty is charged with the responsibility of examining each child for possible symptoms of contagious illness or disease. Parents are requested to examine their child daily for signs of illness, as well.

If such an illness is detected by the teacher, the child will be separated from other children until the responsible parent is located and comes to get their child. In this situation, the parents are responsible for picking up their child as soon as possible.

It is important for the parent to inform the Center immediately after a contagious illness or disease is detected. It is required that the parents not permit their child to be brought to the Center.

A doctor’s release is required for re-admittance of a child after all contagious illnesses or diseases, except in cases such as the common cold. If there is a question regarding your child's ability to return the Center, please call us at (337) 482-5739 to confer with staff.

In the event of viral illnesses (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) or in the case of fever 101F or higher, the child must remain at home for twenty-four hours after all signs of infection have ceased, according to Office of Public Health.