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Emergency Preparedness Plan

The Center takes all possible threats, natural and human, very seriously. In that light, we have developed an Emergency Preparedness Plan that covers any situation that might arise.

You can find all our individualized plans in this Emergency Preparedness document.

It is our goal, whenever possible, to notify parents before an event happens, such as a pending hurricane, so that parents and children can be reunited as quickly as possible.

In the event of an evacuation, we will contact all parents immediately, adhering to the following protocol:

In the event that the UL CDC will have to be evacuated, the center will evacuate to the following locations based on the cause of the evacuation.  
1. Bourgeois Hall at 225 Cajundome Blvd. 
 This location will be for fire evacuation and building issues.  
2. Lafayette Parish Library – Southside Location. 6101 Johnston St.   


In each evacuation bag will be each child master cards with parent and emergency contact information and phone numbers.  

Contacting the parents will be done in the following ways:  
  1. Notification of all student parents and staff by the UL Emergency Notification System and the UL CDC Remind101 mass text messaging account
  2. Use of local media 
  3. Contact each parent and/or emergency contact from master card. Administrative staff, university officials, and support staff will assist in contacting

Reunification Policy

It is the responsibility of the UL CDC to reunite children with their parents after an evacuation has been implemented. 

During an emergency it is critical to keep children and staff safe and reunite them with parents as quickly as possible. 

The following are our guidelines in implementing this policy: 

  1. Children’s teachers will remain with the children until each of them are reunited with parents or emergency contact individuals. 
  2. We will only release children to individuals the parents have designated as approved to take the child from the program. 
  3. These individuals must produce photo identification before releasing a child to them. 
  4. Parents are informed regarding the evacuation by:
    a. University emergency notification system, Remind101
    b. Local media
    c. Individual phone calls by Center and University Officials. 
  5. In the event that parents can not be contacted children will be turned over to the University Police.